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Hot Sauce

When your favorite food has become mundane and bland… there is only one option…HOT SAUCE!  Spice is a part of life as well as the culinary world and its works essentially the same when applied to either.

If your life is boring and you need something to break the monotony then maybe an impromptu vacation will do.  Change is the most basic form of spice.  It breaks the norm and can open a new world of thought and imagination… bet you never thought hot sauce could be so profound. Here is a list from a fellow sauce lover at

10. Melinda’s Habanero Mango Sauce

Perfect combination of sweet and spicy, Melinda’s Habanero Mango sauce is a great introduction to hot sauces! The brand has an amazing variety of sauces to try as well.

9. Blair’s Original Death Sauce

This is HOT and not for the faint of heart. Death Sauce will definitely get your heart racing!

8. Sambal Oelek

Normally used as a condiment, sambal oelek is based on chili and is popular in Indonesia. Served alongside rice, chutneys and breads, this is a sauce that makes food hot, but not too hot. Look for it in the imported foods section of your grocery store, or a gourmet foods store.

7. La Costena Green Sauce

Made from green chilis, La Costena Green Sauce will spice up your dishes with a layered flavor of roasted peppers and garlic.

6. Valentina

With a citrus flavor that is predominant, much more than the spice, Valentina is a sauce for when you want a slight heat but more flavor!

5. Tabasco Sauce

A classic sauce on every table, Tabasco will impart your food with smokiness and some heat, but nothing too blasting.

4. Frank’s Red Hot

Nothing says grilling and wings more the Frank’s Red Hot Sauces. They come in a variety of flavors and are great marinades and as finishing sauces on the grill, especially for those unusual grill offerings, like squash and eggs.

3. Tapatio Picante

In business since 1971, Tapatio sauce brought spice into American homes and will continue too. You can purchase it by the case or bottle.

2. Cholula

A balanced sauce of flavor and spice, Cholula has been in the US for the past 12 years. It’s great on sliders, pizza and wings!

1. Sriracha

There is even a book dedicated to this Asian hot sauce, where you can find 50 recipes to make everything from breakfast to drinks! Sriracha is one of the most popular sauces from Thailand and brought to the Western world to share the hot sauce love!

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