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Thanksgiving… With Another Family

Thanksgiving is a holiday that I look forward to every year.  It represents sitting down with family and celebrating everything in your life you have to be thankful for as well as scarfing down some delicious home made eats.

I have been attending thanksgiving parties since I can remember aiming at Cheerios in the toilet.  This year thanksgiving is going to be a rather strange celebration.  My family and I are going to our house in Florida.  We are separating ourselves completely from our very large extended family and jetting off to consume and relish (cranberry hopefully) in the essence that is Florida.  There is one new stitch in this tightly sown plan that I uncovered this morning… There is another family joining us.

I am not happy nor sad about this news, but rather intrigued.  I am excited to see how the interaction of my family and the other will pan out.  The other family could be referred to as just that, family because we are that close, but still we have never spent an intimate holiday together.

I can only hope that a picture like this is birthed by the mother of all holidays… thanksgiving

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Study Scene

Getting in the right set of mind is the first step to successfully tackling some books.  If you manage to convince yourself to open some of those dusty two hundred pagers, the next thing to decide is the setting of this study session.  If you are like me then a quiet place is at the top of my list followed by comfy.

I am currently perched in an elegantly “vintage” chair (probably a yard sale find) at JJ’s Market on 21st.  This place has almost everything you could want to supplement your studying diet.  It’s got coffee, tea, soda, espresso and snacks galore.  They also have a liquor license and so if you are stressing and need to snag a beer…you can grab a Guinness.

The other thing to mention is the abundance of power outlets… they are errrwhere in here which in todays laptop world is kindly appreciated. I give JJ’s an A grade in the study scene and recommend anyone to try it out next time they need a change of pace in their study surroundings or a cool place to grab a snack or a beer.

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Song Writing

Inspiration can come from the smallest things like eating a great sandwich or waking up to a beautiful day.  Sometimes I can write a verse or a chorus from these simple motivations, but lately I have been struggling something awful.  The drive to write a song has been absent for the past couple weeks and I have no reason for it. Some might say this is normal, but there is a yearning to get something down on paper, anything at all.  The music is never a problem for me, but the lyrics, the emotions, seem to flow like molasses.  Taking time off is a good thing though because it allows for new ideas to form and develop.  It will come in time.

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Vision Statement

I want this site to be an open source for my expression.  I will post thoughts, music, art, and just things that are intriguing to me.  Having something to catalog these ideas with is a great asset.  I will not only be able to watch my progress (or regress depending on who you are) but will also be able to interact with those who have similar interests.  This site will be interesting to say the least.

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Recording Sesh

Recording in historic RCA studios with some friends.. couldn’t ask for a better Friday evening

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First Time

First post on the site, so very exciting

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