Study Scene

18 Oct

Getting in the right set of mind is the first step to successfully tackling some books.  If you manage to convince yourself to open some of those dusty two hundred pagers, the next thing to decide is the setting of this study session.  If you are like me then a quiet place is at the top of my list followed by comfy.

I am currently perched in an elegantly “vintage” chair (probably a yard sale find) at JJ’s Market on 21st.  This place has almost everything you could want to supplement your studying diet.  It’s got coffee, tea, soda, espresso and snacks galore.  They also have a liquor license and so if you are stressing and need to snag a beer…you can grab a Guinness.

The other thing to mention is the abundance of power outlets… they are errrwhere in here which in todays laptop world is kindly appreciated. I give JJ’s an A grade in the study scene and recommend anyone to try it out next time they need a change of pace in their study surroundings or a cool place to grab a snack or a beer.

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